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All You Need to Know about Plaster of Paris

What is plaster of Paris (POP)?

Plaster of Paris is a white coloured powder which is made up of Gypsum. This product found its name because of the abundance of Gypsum in Paris. The product is also known as POP which is used in making casts and moulds. When mixed with water, this product makes a thick paste and hardens into a solid structure upon drying.

How the production is being done?

When Gypsum is heated up to 200-degre

3 Ultimate Types of Primers Used in the Industry

Primers are the sticky flat paint that are designed to adhere well and to provide a consistent base for any surface. When you paint any surface such as a piece of wood without applying primer to it, you will need more coats of paint. If you paint a surface without priming it first, you will likely need more coats for adequate coverage and the paint may not stick to the original surface as it would have stuck to the primer. Therefore, primers are necessary for the fine working of the pai

Top 4 Uses of Gypsum in Agriculture Industries

Many of you might not know about the complete use of Gypsum. These products have been used since ages in various industries but agriculture is one of the most preferred industries in which this product is used.

Here, I am going to discuss the top 4 applications of Gypsum in the agriculture field. So, let’s explore.

Acts as a source of Calcium and Sulfur in plant

According to Warren Dick, soil scientist and professor